Collaborate with ACDC

The Anti-Corruption Data Collective is an inherently collaborative project. We’re always happy to hear from like-minded colleagues fighting against opacity and the harm is causes to people, planet and politics.


ACDC offers investigative journalists bespoke data analysis using our collection of public and proprietary data sets – covering topics such as company ownership, real estate ownership, private equity deals, commodity flows and international trade – on a no-cost, attribution basis. We’re often able to contribute to investigative journalism free of charge, on the sole condition that ACDC’s contribution is appropriately mentioned.

Foundations & Civil Society Organizations

We challenge financial opacity using public and proprietary data, helping civil society organizations drive progress on issues across governance, equity, climate change and justice. These data sets, and the expertise needed to make sense of them, are not always in reach of smaller organizations. ACDC collaborates with a broad range of partners to make our resources available.


Our work also includes an academic track, as we publish our evidence-based policy analysis in leading social sciences journals. We are always eager to cooperate with any academics with similar research interests or complimentary empirical approaches. Scholars are encouraged to propose possible areas of collaboration or to contact us for more information about our Research Fellows program. This formal affiliation provides access to many of our datasets as well as co-authorship possibilities on our ongoing research projects.

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